Women Techmakers Turkey Summit

Hello everyone ,

First of all, I would like to briefly talk about the Women Techmakers program in a sentence.

Google’s Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

For more information, visit the official website.

Let’ s start with this little information and then the actual topic :) On February 10, 2018, we have organized the Women Techmakers Summit for the first time in Turkey, in the Google Istanbul office. It was very exciting to meet with Turkey’ s WTM lead and lead nominees. In short we wanted to share this beautiful adventure with you :)

We started the preparations in Turkey with long-term research period to reach all WTM Chapters. Throughout the process, we aimed to create a warm, friendly and entertaining activity so that we could blend each piece from the swag selection to the event program stream, event area order, and so on.

Our bubbles are cool :)

It’s the summit day on the roof! We started with Nilay Yener‘s hangout, which is the founder of WTM Istanbul :) Nilay has conveyed her own story and information about WTM. I would like to thank you again for sharing our wonderful energy with us.

We did the opening with Nilay Yener :)

Immediately afterwards, we were with our Regional Lead Baris Yesugey ‘s presentation. Barıs has shared information with us for our success in the global and for future events.

Baris Yesugey’ s presentation

We were out of the way with the motto of ‘Colorful and friendly activity’ :) For this reason we thought a game for meeting and getting together according to our motto. We shared the badges as a randomly in the circle with WTM leads. Later, we threw away our cool green top to each other and shared our names. After the 10 minutes, we wanted everybody to open the cards and find the name on the card. May the best win :)

Girls! Let’ s to reach the best..

Now it’s time to share WTM chapters and events we’ve organized! What are we doing, what do we want to do, what are our goals for future events? Under such similar headings, we have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and to help out for the missing points.

WTM Eskisehir Team
WTM Istanbul Team
WTM Tekirdag Team
Applause for all of us :)

Then Seda Yamanlar on the stage with wonderful presentation! We thank you for sharing our presentation with sincerity that we all can find parts in ourselves and for being with us ..

“Start small. Think big. Think Positive.”

After immediately , Elif Boncuk, Burcu Yalcinkaya and Didem Kaya to discussed issues such as sectoral developments, being a woman in business life, technical experiences, and WTM lead responsibilities. They shared their experiences in WTM and business life and have made useful suggestions for our friends who have been in college years like me. Thanks girls :)

In addition to all these, we have 2 more workshops. I would like to briefly talk about them.

Our first workshop was “I’m Remarkable”. Everyone here has colored pencils and a list that we prepared earlier. Then we asked each of them to start with “I’ m Remarkable;” and write their personal thoughts. Participants filled it unaware that it would be read aloud in front of everyone. We sorted the things that we thought what makes valuable us in a one minute. Later,we shared them loudly with ourselves and with our friends. Our goal here was to make sure that we have what we believe we have valued us with all our heart and with a loud voice. We do not have photos here to share with you because we wanted to be a little special :)

Our second workshop was group work. We were randomly split up into groups of five and we wanted to create a scenario by selecting a topic with using colored pens and large papers. Our goal here was to be closer with our group of friends and to create a colorful new story by combining pieces from their own imagination. We had quite fun results and I think we had the opportunity to touch each other’s lives a little more :)

WTM Geek Group :)
Time to brainstorming :)

Finally we wanted to finish with an unconference in the event program. We set a box for the participants to write down the topics they wanted to talk about here. During the day everyone left their notes in the box. In this way, we made a nice and productive unconference that everyone could freely explain their own ideas and questions.

And let’s take an unforgettable moment for this wonderful event with group photo. It has always been proud to be a part of this passionate team. It has always been proud to be a part of this passionate team.

Thanks WTM Turkey!
WTM Turkey Dinner :)

Finally, I would like to specify that it is also important for me that my first post is coming up with the first WTM Summit in Turkey. To many happy events..

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event, both organization and participation. A thank you to OKAN AYDIN ​​who left beautiful memories with us for his photographs.

Thank you for reading.